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Full Protection Sheet Fibre Laser


High power sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine LMN3015H is equiped with full protection cover and exchange working table,can cut up to 50mm steel. LMN3015H fiber laser cutter is used for cutting think metal plates ,equipped with fiber laser, the laser power is from 1500w to 12000w,for more details ,just send e-mail to us.

Gantry Structure

Automatic positioning, timely dynamic response, high stability

Dual driver, dual rack, high speed

Auto Oil-filling

Keep the supply of new oil
Simple and flexible, avoid oil cut-off

Dual driver, dual rack, high speed

Servo Control

Keep the distance between the laser head and plate
Stop working immediately when hitting the plate

Technical Parameter:



Working area

3000mm(L) * 1500mm (W)
4000mm(L) * 2000mm (W)
6000mm(L) * 2000mm (W)
6000mm(L) * 2500mm (W)
8000mm(L) * 2500mm (W)

Fiber Laser Power


X axis


Y axis


Z axis


Maximum velocity of movement


X/Y axis position accuracy


X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy


The exact process range can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.

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